Blumenhotel Belsoggiorno:
the swimming pool and a world of water

Your wellness holiday in Val di Non continues in our sensory water experience. The pool is at your disposal for an energising dip, the Jacuzzi for deep relaxation and the restorative water paradise experience combines the pureness and power of water with the energy of colours and aromatic essences to restore the body and mind.


Water is an important feature when it comes to unwinding and taking care of oneself. Chill out in our swimming pool and let the water do all the work: its movement is a gentle embrace which accompanies you and enables you to relax the body and mind. It's not just a dip in the water: it's a wellness experience which regenerates the body and mind.


The Jacuzzi acts as a stress-relieving remedy. By immersing in hot water, we help out body to relax and reduce the symptoms caused by the stress we accumulate during the day. The action of the bubbles on our body stimulates and activates the lymphatic system, promoting the removal of excess liquids. The hot water, together with the massaging power of the air, is a treat for the skin; after just one session, your skin will feel smoother, softer and more toned.


A wellness trail which comprises 4 emotional showers for the ultimate multi-sensory water experience. 4 different showers, which vary according to heat, colour and intensity, envelop the guest in a singular embrace of well-being. Tropical rain, cold rain, a summer storm and cold fog come together and complement one another in a relaxing, pleasant and sensory experience.


The Spa environment was purposely created to give guests a sense of peacefulness and serenity; we kindly ask that you do not use mobile phones and keep the tone of your voice down. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the Spa. The Spa is accessible to people in good physical condition who do not suffer from illnesses, states or predispositions which are incompatible with heat, steam or jumps in temperature.