Blumenhotel Belsoggiorno:
the world of saunas

Your wellness holiday in Val di Non continues at our brand-new wellness centre.

Did you know that the Finnish built houses called HOT HOUSES heated by wooden stoves covered with stones on which they threw water to generate humid bursts of heat? The origin of this practice was the need to counter the low temperatures. Intuition followed by scientific study led to them immersing their warm bodies in rivers during the warm seasons and in snow during the cold seasons as a reaction, rebalancing their base temperature and metabolic functions.


Today this practice is popular all over the world and is acknowledged for its many beneficial effects: it detoxes and purifies for visibly healthier skin; it releases tension and relaxes the muscles; it strengthens the immune system.
The temperature of the Finnish sauna oscillates around 90°C. The very high temperature and the low percentage of humidity offer the body a noticeable metabolic stimulation, contributing to the renewal of cells, the elimination of toxins and the strengthening of the cardio-circulatory system. The Finnish sauna is recommended for people who do physical activity, as it promotes muscle recovery by relaxing the muscles.


The Salt sauna is one of the relaxing areas you can find in our Flor naturalwellness centre. Natural materials such as mineral salt and oak wood come together creating a harmonious, welcoming and seductive environment. The heat of the sauna (50-60°C), together with the constant humidity (20%), creates a micro-climate which promotes the natural ionisation process of mineral salt. Deep relaxation awaits you thanks to the dimmed lights, scents and fragrances.


The Arabs replicated the Roman spa tradition by using heat, hot water and steam
in a single space called the HAMMAM. Unlike in the Finnish sauna, in the Turkish bath or Hammam, the humidity level stands at 100%. Inside, a sort of fog is created; this is due to the humidity and the temperature which oscillates from 45°C to 48°C. The steam bath is good for muscles, with its tension-relieving effects, and for the skin thanks to its purifying action. One of the advantages of the Turkish bath is the fact it strengthens the immune system and has a positive effect on physical and mental wellness.

Good practices

How to prepare for the sauna


  • What to eat: have a light snack (yoghurt or a little fruit) before entering;
  • What to drink: have a hot herbal tea to increase sweating before entering; after the session, drink water or other non-alcoholic beverages
  • What to bring: 2 towels, one for sitting in the sauna, the other for drying off after the shower;
  • How to prepare: to facilitate the relaxation of your muscles, have a hot shower before entering, then towel off;
  • While in the sauna: sit in the lowest part, where it’s less hot, and stay for up to 15 minutes. At the end of your time in the sauna, get up gently and slowly.
  • After the sauna, it’s important that you create a cold reaction to restore the natural balance of your organic functions: take a cold shower gently throwing water over the different parts of your body (start with the right foot, which is the furthest away from the heart) or rub ice on the skin to tone or relaxing with the cold fog to reinforce your blood vessels.
  • Then lie down and cover your body.


The Spa environment was purposely created to give guests a sense of peacefulness and serenity; we kindly ask that you do not use mobile phones and keep the tone of your voice down. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the Spa. The Spa is accessible to people in good physical condition who do not suffer from illnesses, states or predispositions which are incompatible with heat, steam or jumps in temperature.