A warm welcome to our hotel in Malosco

Slow down. Breathe. Feel.

At Belsoggiorno, you can finally set the tempo of your days and forget the commotion of the world. Experience an authentic connection with nature in Val di Non: Immerse yourself in the fragrance of blossoms, bond with the serenity of the rolling hills, and embrace rustic customs. Revitalize in our wellness oasis and savour authentic local delights. Free your mind, smile, and experience your holiday deeply. We extend a heartfelt welcome!

Marini Family
In our rooms…
…get the rest you deserve

Our rooms draw inspiration from the captivating simplicity of flowers, offering vibrant colours, the comforting embrace of wood, a balcony view of the surroundings, and practical amenities. Let the quotes adorning the walls ignite your creativity and find tranquillity. Silence your alarm and sleep as much as you want.

…get the rest you deserve