The essence of Val di Non in our hotel

Trentino traditions and artisanal excellence

Since 1965, our family-run hotel in Val di Non has focused on helping our guests explore the region's landscape and its rich culture.

We have a passionate connection to our region's traditions, taking pride in cherishing the history of Belsoggiorno and preserving antique local rural artefacts in our rustic tavern. We love all things homemade, done by hand, from the intricate wooden creations crafted by our father, Fabio, to the loving care of our garden by our mother, Maria Rosa. We delight in the homemade culinary creations by Federico and the artistic decorations by local artisans.

Let us introduce ourselves
The soul of Belsoggiorno

Let dad Fabio tell you some anecdotes about the family hotel's past, ask him for advice on the best local routes, and have him show you the fine art of woodworking in his workshop.

Fabio Belsoggiorno
Maria Rosa
The flower lover

Belsoggiorno is an explosion of flowers, both those blooming in the garden and on the balconies and those decorating the interior spaces. It's all thanks to mum Maria Rosa, a true plant enthusiast who cares for them with all her heart.

Maria Rosa Belsoggiorno
King of the kitchen

He is the creator of the delicacies served in the restaurant, highlighting our local flavours. But that's not all: when not in the kitchen, he stacks firewood for heating or tends to the gardens and aromatic plants.

Federico Belsoggiorno
The smile of the house

Questions about reservations, special requests, information about activities in the area? Turn to her; she is always available and attentive to our guests' needs – always with her kind smile.

Laura Belsoggiorno
Effervescence personified

Everywhere at once? Almost. Miriam is a real “hostess with the mostest” the good soul who enthusiastically helps wherever needed: in the dining room, laundry, office, and she occasionally accompanies guests on excursions. If she didn't exist, they would have to invent her!

Miriam Belsoggiorno