Our restaurant is a tribute to Val di Non

Taste the goodness of the territory

Our menu respects the rhythm of the seasons, honours Trentino tradition and homemade food. In our pantry, we have an abundance of local specialities such as Mortandèla, a typical smoked salami, or Trentingrana, a mature cheese still made in a completely natural way. We like to prepare nearly everything by hand, just like our grandparents did.

Full, authentic, sustainable flavours

Grandma always said that supermarket vegetables taste nothing like our local ones, which are grown slowly. This is why we cultivate three vegetable gardens. We also carefully select the other raw materials, favouring quality products from local suppliers: our cheeses come from the village dairy and the apples are DOP from Val di Non. For a farm-to-table culinary journey.

“You don't have to cook excessive or complicated dishes: just good food from fresh ingredients.”
Julia Child
Typical Trentino dishes