At our hotel for a sustainable holiday

What do we do to protect the environment?

Just as countless drops form the vast ocean, we believe that every collective effort, big or small, can contribute to the protection of nature. We embrace this ethos by implementing effective daily measures. Our commitment at Belsoggiorno ensures that you can experience a sustainable and pleasurable holiday without sacrifices and unnecessary waste.

  • For heating, we use a biomass boiler, powered by wood chips from Val di Non, i.e. waste from wood processing.
  • In the kitchen, we favour farm-to-table ingredients in addition to seasonal vegetables from our gardens.
  • For our wine and to furnish our hotel with handmade works, we collaborate with local artisans and regional entities. 
  • We invite the guest to request a change of towels only when necessary, placing them on the floor.
  • We opt for refillable courtesy toiletries to avoid disposable packaging.
  • We offer smart cleaning, which cleans the room where it is needed instead of completely, eliminating a lot of waste (to be requested at reception the evening before).
  • We provide a charging station for electric cars.