Things to See in Val di Non

Amid castles, hermitages, gardens, and museums

"Beauty will save the world," wrote Dostoevsky. Indeed, there are countless beautiful sights to see in Val di Non. The natural landscapes will capture your heart, and culture is woven into every step. Ready for a journey through archaeological treasures, medieval residences, sanctuaries, agro-silvo-pastoral traditions, and much more?


Discover local culture

We recommend the Ethnographic Museum of Anaunia's peasant culture, the Rhaetian Museum for a journey into prehistory, and the Gampen Gallery, a WWII bunker housing a photographic and mineral exhibit showcasing the historical and geological significance of the Palade Pass. Explore ancient trades at the working Segheria Veneziana sawmill and the Wood Museum in Coredo.

A symbol of Val di Non

Spectacular: an apt description for the architectural complex of the San Romedio Sanctuary. Built on a 70 m limestone cliff, it features 5 little churches and chapels from different periods, accessible via a pathway in the rock. This natural setting is also home to a brown bear, a creature closely linked to the sanctuary's legend.

For the flower enthusiast

At the Rose Garden, within walking distance from the hotel, you can immerse yourself in the scent and charm of a rose garden featuring 500 varieties from around the world. Did you know that roses are close relatives of apples, the undisputed kings of Val di Non? This enchanted garden, located at about a thousand meters above sea level, offers privileged views of the surrounding mountains. PS… free entry with the Trentino Guest Card!

Like a fairy-tale

Val di Non boasts one of the highest concentrations of castles in Europe. There's one right here in Malosco, dating back to the 16th century! While it's awaiting restoration for public visits, others are open for exploration, such as Castel Thun and Castel Valer, the latter inhabited until very recently.