Your Val di Non hotel with a pool

Immerse yourself and let go

What's more natural and beneficial than water? That is why our spa dedicated to Natural Wellness features a heated indoor pool with a hydro massage. Just as the body feels lighter in the water, your mind easily lets go of negative thoughts, cradled by the bubbling water. Do something good for yourself, rediscover vitality, and cherish every breath.


The pool
For a carefree swim

Here you can swim, move slowly, let the water carry you, relax on the sunbeds, and experience the calm of the surroundings. Simply put, you can.

The hydro massage
For total harmony

Whether it's on the massaging seats or under the neck and shoulder waterfall, hot water and air bubbles are a true elixir. They stimulate the lymphatic system, release muscle tension, and leave your skin toned and smooth. Goodbye, stress.