Enhance your holiday

What does the Trentino Guest Card include?

With a stay of at least two nights, you'll receive this complimentary discount card for the entire duration of your stay. First, it grants free use of all provincial public transportation. In addition, the Trentino Guest Card offers free or discounted entry to various local attractions.

Cultural attractions
  • Free entry to museums like Castel Thun, the Rhaetian Museum, Gampen Gallery, and MART in Rovereto
  • Discounted rates at locations such as MUSE, Palazzo delle Albere, Castello del Buonconsiglio in Trento, and Castel Valer
Taste of Trentino
  • Tastings at local food and wine establishments like MondoMelinda and local wineries
  • 10% discount on typical products from partner shops
Nature and adventure
  • Free entry to the visitor centre at Lake Tovel and the Spormaggiore bear park in the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park
  • Discounted rates at attractions like the Novella River Park, the Rio Sass Canyon, and Sorespark
Get your digital card now

You can activate your Trentino Guest Card with the pre-issuance function on the dedicated app, allowing you to plan your holiday immediately. We'll send you the activation code upon booking. Don't have a smartphone? No problem; you can request a printed card during check-in.