What to Do in Val di Non

Activities for every season

Val di Non captivates with its simplicity and diverse range of experiences. UNESCO heritage mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and off-the-beaten-paths are just the beginning. Here are some activities to add to your vacation bucket list. Choose what excites you the most!

Lace up your boots

Le Regole di Malosco just minutes from the hotel, is the perfect starting point for various hiking routes. Whether it's to the Malosco mountain hut, the certified Forest Trail, or the panoramic Monte Penegal, you'll find various options. We're here to provide recommendations!

Explore on your bike

The Alta Val di Non bike path, only 50 m from the hotel, offers gentle slopes, ideal for families. If you're an experienced cyclist seeking a challenge, the winding Strada della Mendola or Palade Pass await. For mountain biking thrills, try Predaia’s four mountain bike tours of varying difficulty!

On the green

Considered one of the most exciting golf courses in the entire Alpine region, Golfclub Dolomiti is just 2 km from Belsoggiorno. This 18-hole course with a gentle slope provides a fantastic backdrop to indulge your passion for golf.


Fishing, anyone?

Whether you're passionate about fishing or want to try it for the first time, Val di Non, with its numerous streams and lakes like Lake Smeraldo and Lake Coredo, is the perfect setting. Book an outing with Trentino Fishing or purchase your fishing permit, sit by the water's edge in silence, and feel the primal connection with nature.

When adventure calls

Did you know that Val di Non is also known as the "valley of canyons"? Don't miss the spectacular Novella River Park carved into the rock or explore the gorges by kayak. For those seeking a rock-climbing adventure, the Marino Stenico cliff is only 1 km from the hotel.

Winter delights...

If you enjoy skiing, the Mendola Pass is nearby, though we're further from the crowded ski resorts. Winters here are tranquil, with groomed paths leading to cosy mountain huts like Romeno, looking like gingerbread houses from a fairy-tale. You can also explore cross-country skiing, ice skating on Lake Smeraldo or the nearby ice rink, try ski mountaineering, and more. The choice is yours!